Chapter Update

Chapter Update

Hello all chapter members,

 I thought I would take some time to give you a little debrief on what is happening, keeping you in the loop. As you all know by now, Alex has stepped down as the director and as the assistant director I assumed the role of director. What to retain from the meeting is the following.

1. Debbie Ford has been tasked to put together a role and responsibilities for the executive positions. This process is planned to take a couple weeks. I will keep everyone posted on the status when I touch base with Debbie.

2. After we receive an email with the role and responsibilities, it will be everyone's responsibility to read and understand what each position intel.

3. After reviewing the positions, you will have an opportunity to run for a position or nominate someone that you think would be fit for the task.

4. Note that all positions are available. All existing executives met and agreed to remain in their respective positions until the said election, in order to have some structure in the communication process during this transition.

5. As it stands, the name will officially become Mississauga  HOG.

6. The Name Milton HOG Chapter will be officially retired.

7. One of my mandates would be to have a Milton HOG retirement party and patch honoring as well as long time members recognition. This can be communicated to the future executives.

8. Since 2009, I have seen many dealer representatives and many dealers as well. towards the end of J-Cox and certainly during the Brown's life span, the dealer involvement was nearly null, we complained many times about the lack of involvement, well now we have what we wanted, the dealer involvement and participations. 

9. The evening of the chapter meeting, 4 new perspective members joined the group. very positive.

Next Steps:

1. Part of my mandate would be to Create a communication structure between dealership representatives and the chapter representative. 

2. In my opinion, part of being a  member of a riding club is to have a clear understanding of rides and events. This means to have on the dealership website quick link to the chapter event and chapter participation.

3. I would make it a priority to identify 5 events that are important to the dealership, 5 event that we can all benefit from. 

4. Communicate and understand which events can be sponsored by the dealer for Chapter events and to what extent the dealer would contribute. 

5. Work with Tatiana, the marketing person at the dealer to include our calendar of events and show our participation on the dealership web site. 

6. Note that last year we had over 70 members, we need to make sure we reach all 70 members. There will always be members that are more involved than others, but, as executives, always remember the ones that are a bit far to participate in all events or attend all meetings.

To all, keep well, the riding season is here, be safe.


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